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100% Natural Hand Made Soaps


Our hand made cold process soaps are made by a saponification reaction between pure plant based oils (olive, coconut and palm) and lye. With the addition of botanicals, essential oils and natural colours our soap enhances the skin with every lather!


ingredient imageOur Soap Ingredients


We use a combination of plant based oils that make the perfect bar. It produces a hard long lasting bar that look, smell and feels great on skin. Our soaps create lots of suds with a silky lather that doesn’t melt in the soap dish! Our soaps contain:


Olive, palm, and coconut oils
Natural colouring from plants and minerals
Essential oils for body therapy and scent
Purified water

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Benefits of Alberta Natural Soaps


Natural ingredients that rinses off with no residue
5% is unsaponified which adds moisture to the skin
Bar lasts a long time therefore economically priced
Good for the body and the planet - no harmful chemicals or ingredients




What our Soaps will Never Contain

Bisphenol-A (BPA)    Formaldehyde-Releasing Agents   Petrolatum
Coal Tar Dyes (Phenylendiamine)   Parfum   Siloxanes 
DEA   Parabens    Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Dibutyl Phthalate   Polyethylene Glyco compounds   Triclosan


Our Soap Lineup

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  1. Activated Charcoal Natural Soap
    Activated Charcoal Natural Soap

    A great everyday bar for face & body. Helps to remove bacteria and impurities, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

    Learn More
  2. Candy Cane Natural Soap
    Candy Cane Natural Soap

    Available October to December

    Our holiday favourite is back!  Wake up to Christmas every morning with a refreshing peppermint scent and candy cane appeal.  

    Learn More
  3. Castile Natural Soap
    Castile Natural Soap

    Pure olive oil soap with a fresh lemon scent that produces a creamy lather for extra moisturizing.

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  4. Chamomile Clay Natural Soap
    Chamomile Clay Natural Soap
    Clay added to this soap creates a thick lather that can also be used for shaving. Chamomile is an astringent that can help calm and heal irritated skin. Learn More
  5. Goat Milk Natural Soap
    Goat Milk Natural Soap
    This luxurious soap has added goat’s milk to help condition and moisturize skin. Learn More
  6. Grapefruit Slice Natural Soap
    Grapefruit Slice Natural Soap
    This citrusy uplifting bar has skin soothing properties and will help perk you up! Learn More
  7. Lavender Landscape Natural Soap
    Lavender Landscape Natural Soap
    A suitable evening bath bar that contains the calming properties of lavender. Learn More
  8. Lavender Lustre Natural Soap
    Lavender Lustre Natural Soap
    A wonderfully relaxing bar that contains lavender flowers to gently exfoliate the skin and to calm & relax the senses. Learn More
  9. Lemongrass Calendula Natural Soap
    Lemongrass Calendula Natural Soap
    A fresh, clean and stimulating citrus bar. This bar contains calendula petals which are very soothing and restoring for the skin. Learn More
  10. Licorice Ice Natural Soap
    Licorice Ice Natural Soap
    Scented with anise, this bar has a warm sweet, rich & creamy licorice aroma. Smells delicious & invigorating!! (but don’t eat it!) Learn More
  11. Lucky Road Natural Soap
    Lucky Road Natural Soap
    Soap with a zing! This re-batched bar is unique. It contains bits of our most popular natural soaps! Learn More
  12. Oatmeal, Honey & Almond Natural Soap
    Oatmeal, Honey & Almond Natural Soap
    Honey enhances the natural colour and enriches this spicy bar while oats give skin a natural scrub leaving it soft and supple. Learn More
  13. Orange Cinnamon Natural Soap
    Orange Cinnamon Natural Soap
    A scrubby spicy bar with a soothing warm scent and a creamy lather that’s great for feet and elbows. Learn More
  14. Patchouli Passion Natural Soap
    Patchouli Passion Natural Soap
    This bar is a good skin conditioner and has a rich & relaxing, earthy, grounding scent. Learn More
  15. Peppermint Chocolate Natural Soap
    Peppermint Chocolate Natural Soap
    This is a revitalizing bar that’s great to gently soothe and awaken the senses. Learn More
  16. Peppermint Morning Natural Soap
    Peppermint Morning Natural Soap
    A refreshing soap that is cooling, revitalizing and stimulating. Learn More
  17. Simply Soap Natural Soap
    Simply Soap Natural Soap

    Contains no scents or extra ingredients; just saponified Olive, Sustainable Palm & Coconut oils – keepin’ it simple! Great for those with allergies and sensitive skin!

    Learn More
  18. Spearmint Garden Natural Soap
    Spearmint Garden Natural Soap
    A fresh minty bar that is uplifting & stimulating with a light, sweet smell! Learn More
  19. Tea Tree Poppy Seed Natural Soap
    Tea Tree Poppy Seed Natural Soap

    This soap has ground hemp and poppy seeds that offer exfoliating properties - with eucalyptus and tea tree oil! It makes a great hand scrub for tough dirty jobs.

    Learn More
  20. Ylang Ylang Natural Soap
    Ylang Ylang Natural Soap

    A floral, slightly fruity, delicate, perfume- like scent with added calendula flowers and a relaxing scent.

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